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His Greatness

From the New York Tribune, October 22, 1912.

 He didn’t climb the hills of fame,
   But kept the middle ground;
 On history’s pages ne’er his name
   By any will be found.
 But he was brave and he was good,
   And always did his best;
 And through his life he always stood
   Face front to every test.
 Go ask his wife if you would know
   The record that he made;
 And to his little children go,
   Ask them how daddy played.
 And then go ask his neighbors, too,
   And hear them sing his praise;
 They’ll tell you he was kind and true,
   That honor marked his ways.
 Greatness is not by numbers told,
   Nor always written down
 On history’s pages; all that’s gold
   Goes not into a crown.
 But men are great who day by day
   Are cheerful, kind and true,
 And give their best along life’s way
   Of service to the few.

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