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Posts tagged as “The Washington Herald”

No Answer

There was a lull during the convention.
Some one shouted: "The people rule."
Someone else inquired: "Where?"
And then there was another lull.

Not So Bad

"A penny for your thoughts," chirped the young lady.
"Well, I've had worse offers from publishers," responded the poet.

The Last Note

Poem from The Washington Herald, May 5, 1912. By Martha E. Clarke.


"Yes, I went into Wall Street."
"And they swallowed you whole, eh?"
"No; they shredded me first."

Uncle Pennywise Says

There are two reasons for being married in a dress suit, young man. It's fashionable, and it's your last chance to get a dress suit.

Same Girl

"Dad, I want to marry Tottie Twinkletoes. I hope you won't blame me for wanting to marry a chorus girl."
"Not at all, my boy. I wanted to marry her myself when I was about your age, and your grandfather was also engaged to her once."