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As we wander along through this vale of tears,
It is plain, among other things,
That no song is as sweet to a donkey’s ears
As the song that the donkey sings.

Does Seem Strange

“We Americans have our oddities.”
“How now, Horatius?”
“A man will boast in one breath that all Americans are free and equal, and in the next that he associates only with our best people.”

No Idolatry There

“I hope you are not bringing up your children to worship money, Hawkins,” said Dubbleigh.
“No, indeed,” sighed Hawkins. “Why, Dubb, my children despise money so much that the minute a dollar comes their way they get rid of it as fast as they can.”

A Dying Soldier

Poem from The Washington Herald, March 26, 1912.

The Bandwagon

Essay from The Washington Herald, March 22, 1912. By George Fitch.

Good Advice

“Now that you are married, my son, listen to me.”

"What is it, dad?”

"Try to be a husband, not merely an ex-bachelor.”


Essay from The Washington Herald, March 20, 1912. By George Fitch.

Uncle Pennywise Says

The fellow who asks you how you feel today, doesn’t want to listen to a lot of symptoms.


Essay from The Washington Herald, March 15, 1912. By George Fitch.


Essay from The Washington Herald, March 12, 1912. By George Fitch.