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Posts tagged as “The Topeka State Journal”

Song O’ Friendship

From the Topeka State Journal, July 31, 1919. By Edgar A. Guest.

Trouble and Envy

From The Topeka State Journal, July 29, 1919. By Edgar A. Guest.

Sporting Blood

The only person in the "Argus" office who didn't treat little Miss McLean with the utmost respect from the moment of her joining the staff was Bannister. Bannister wasn't the typical sporting editor of fiction and the movies. He didn't wear checked suits.

Enslaved Husbands

A poor, down-trodden husband, whose wife has succeeded in making a drudge of him, has written me a pathetic letter in which he asks me if I think it is a man's duty to do the housework in addition to doing his own work.

To the Sweet Girl Graduate

The women who go down into the gutter are the girls who have not been taught an honest way of making a living and who are driven by hunger, and cold, and want into taking what is sardonically called "the easiest way" to earn their bread and butter.

What is Your Standing as a Wife?

The president of a large financial concern, which specializes in lending money on mortgages, said the other day that one of the chief things that he took into consideration in determining the amount of credit that he extended to a man, was the kind of a woman to whom he was married.

The Girl and the Married Man

I get a great many letters from young women complaining that I do not seem to sympathize with them when they have their lives wrecked by married men.

The Tie That Binds

A poor, unhappy, middle aged millionaire husband and wife have just been divorced on the grounds of incompatibility of temper.