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Posts tagged as “The Tomahawk”

Wanted: Anybody Who Knows How to Milk a Whale

How would you milk a whale? The answer to this question is eagerly awaited by at least two large companies on the Pacific Coast, which have recently revived the whaling industry.

Summer Engagements

"Am I the first man you ever loved?"
"Now don't be absurd. I've been here at the beach six weeks."

Chapter From Revelation

"Is your husband a member of any secret society?"
"He thinks he is, but he talks in his sleep."

Fusstub Bobby

From The Tomahawk, September 19, 1918. By Jane Osborn.

Quip of the day

"Everything I have in this world I owe to my wife"
"I'm almost like you, too. Everything I owe for in this world my wife bought."