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The Amateur

Poem from The Sun, April 2, 1912. By McLandburge Wilson.


Knicker — But this parrot doesn't say a word.
Dealer — My dear sir, that simply shows his intelligence.

Sidis, the Boy Wonder, Turns Bolshevist

Fond parents who were shocked a few years ago at reading of the graduation from Harvard of William James Sidis, son of Prof. Boris Sidis, a psychologist, at the age of 15, and later of his lecturing learnedly on mathematics before a group of graybeards, stunning them all with his prodigious knowledge, have now something new to say about precocity. The boy wonder was said to be a normal child except for his tremendous brain, but that any child could so far outdistance his fellows was rather a reflection on the O'Reilly and McGillicuddy offspring who had started even with him.