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The hypocrite leads, not a double life, but a half life.

Vacation Location

Poem from The Seattle Star, July 5, 1912. By Berton Braley.

Or Something

"Oh, papa! Couldn't you take Fred into your business? He's so ambitious and we are to be married soon, too."
"Er - what could he do?"
"Why, couldn't you make him president of the business or something?"

Preaching Priorities

Maggie — Why did they make a change in ministers at your church?
Anne — The other one spoke so often on the responsibilities of marriage that none of the unmarried men in the congregation would propose.

Needed Admiration

"I understand that Mr. Grabwell started in life by borrowing $50. You must admire a man with courage like that."
"No, I don't," replied Mr. Growcher. "The man I admire is the one who had the courage to lend him the fifty."


Poem from The Seattle Star, June 27, 1912. By Berton Braley.


Many a doctor refuses to give a man up, even after he gets well.

The Burlesque Queen

Poem from The Seattle Star, June 14, 1912. By Berton Braley.

Joy Complete

“We’ve got a brand new mahogany piano,” said Mr. Cumrox.
“But nobody in your family can play it.”
“Yes, that’s the best thing about it.”

Out of Work

Poem from The Seattle Star, June 10, 1912. By Berton Braley.