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Posts tagged as “The Daily Short Story”

His Humble Friends

"How is Jerry?"
"Desperately bad, Bill. He seems to be resting quietly and the fever was nigh gone when he began to ask me about the last week and where we was. Soon as I told him we were near Portsville and that he'd better let us get him to a hospital, he hollered out: 'No! No! No! Get as far away from here as you can!' acted like some wild man, and then collapsed like a weak infant."

The Living Voice

From the Rock Island Argus, October 15, 1918. By Lois Marian Terhune.

A Night Adventure

From the Rock Island Argus, October 10, 1918. By Genevieve Ulmar.

On Parole

From the Rock Island Argus, September 13, 1918. By Matilde Frances Pfeiffer.