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Posts tagged as “The Bismarck Tribune”

The Electric Dog

Scientific journals are excited over the electric dog invented by B. F. Miessner. It is a box full of batteries and machinery, mounted on wheels. Put it in a dark room, flash a switchlight and the electric dog moves up to the light. Reverse a switch inside it and it moves away from the light. Uncannily like a dog, responding to its master's call.

A Bride and a Grandmother

Some satirical person has said a young girl never marries an old man except for money. Pshaw.
Consider the case of Matilda E. Neill, nee Seibert.


Millions of years from now a perfect picture of you reading this newspaper will be floating out through space. It will be in the form of a moving picture, a complete record of your whole life, extending on forever as it travels further and further from the earth into the never-ending distances of the universe.