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Posts tagged as “Evening Star”

The Lost World

With His Badge of Authority in His Hand and a Train of Wide-Eyed Indian Girls Behind Him. From the Evening Star, July 7, 1912.

The Skeptic

Poem from the Evening Star, June 30, 1912. By S. E. Kiser.

The Quest

Poem from the Evening Star, June 3, 1912. 

A Reversed Program

"The stage should depict society as it really exists," said the serious person.
"Yes," replied Miss Cayenne, "but it doesn't. One the contrary, society tries to imitate the songs, dances and dialect of the stage."

A Prudent Selection

"Why did you elect that man president of your great corporation? He doesn't know a thing about the actual workings of the business."
"That's just the point," replied the legal expert. "He'll be just the man to stand cross-examination in case of an investigation."

Acute Sentiment

"That office boy of mine is terribly sensitive," said Mr. Milder.
"How do you know?"
"Every time one of his relatives dies he has to go to a ball game to get his mind off his sorrow."

Cleon and I

Poem from the Evening Star, May 26, 1912.

Questionable Goal

Telling a little boy that he may be President some day sounds, just in the present era of verbal onslaught, like putting an unkind wish on the lad.