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From the Evening Public Ledger, July 21, 1919.

The Key to the Constitution

Patriotic societies, governors of states, legal lights, boards of education and chambers of commerce throughout the country are enlisted in an elaborate campaign to familiarize Americans, both of native and foreign birth, with the national constitution.


"Then Miss Lawrence," said the superintendent to the young teacher, "it is understood that when school convenes this afternoon, you will retain your pupils a few moments, and Thomas Varo will be publicly expelled before them all."
"Yes, sir," said Miss Lawrence, in tones of quiet respect.

The Rocking Horse

Kenneth C. Beaton, who writes "Ye Towne Gossip" in the New York American and several other newspapers, has paid the following tribute to the latest book by Christopher Morley, the "Socrates" of the Evening Public Ledger:

A Farmerette by Proxy

From the Evening Public Ledger, October 9, 1918. By Mary L. Buzzell.

The Chaffing Dish

It used to be said that woman's privilege is to change her mind. It seems to us that her far more valuable privilege is that of changing some one else's mind.