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Put Him On

From the Carson City Daily Appeal, July 25, 1919. By William Herschell.

No Room for Hate

From the Carson City Daily Appeal, July 23, 1919.

The Japanese Menace in the West

Senator James D. Phelan has telegraphed Governor Stephens of California suggesting a special session of the legislature of California to take up the question of the ratification of the federal amendment for woman suffrage. He asked that the governor also include the question of land laws affecting aliens.
Senator Phelan advised that these three phases of the land laws of California be considered by the legislature at the extra session:
1 - Modification of the corporation law affecting aliens.
2 - Land leasing law affecting aliens.
3 - Evils of the "picture bride" marriage custom of the Japanese.

A Toast to the Unknown One

Here is a toast that I want to drink to a fellow I'll never know -
To the fellow who's going to take my place, when it's time for me to go.
I've wondered what kind of chap he'll be, and I've wished I could take his hand,
Just to whisper, "I wish you well, old man," in a way that he'd understand.